Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes

How about Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI?! I love him. I was watching the video of the changing of the guard from when his resignation officially took place and I got a little weepy. I remember when he was elected Pope. It was my sophomore year of college and it was a Tuesday. My friends were keeping me busy that day because my Mom was having surgery. (she had breast cancer and is now in remission!) I was constantly talking to my Grandmother to get the 411 on my Mom. She called me instead with news of a new Pope. Then she said something I will never forget. "Hey, have you seen the new Pope? He's really cute!" And that is my very first memory of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

There is a church here in town that has an indoor playground. This is not your average playground. Do you know the rides that are some sort of animal that you pay money for your children to ride? This indoor playground as a room full of those rides. And they are FREE! (once you pay a small membership fee that also gives you access to their gym.) Anyways, it's kinda awesome for those cold days in winter and blistering hot days of summer.

Yep, every kids dream. The only problem is that the jig is up. Now when we pass these bad boys at the store the girls know they are supposed to move. Gone of the days of just sitting on them and me telling them that it is broken doesn't work very well. They know the truth.

Last weekend Eric mowed the grass for the first time in months and we discovered a leak. That leak led to our water being cut off for the rest of the weekend, which led to the discovery that we need to re-plumb our entire house. Wowzers.

Oh, the joys of home ownership. Ya'll, we are just living that american dream.

One of our favorite things to do around here is set up a little people town.

We have a lot of Little People toys, and yes Clare is still rockin' Christmas PJs. :))

The leeetle bit of "homeschooling" that we actually do every day:
(Picture taken on the 25th)

Maggie couldn't quite make it to her bed for her nap the other day before she fell asleep:

And finally, I will admit that the reason why Maggie has a band-aid on her forehead in the first few pictures is because she fell and hit her head on the corner of the wall. She was just so excited to go to the church playground that the took a turn too fast. Still has a shiner there and it happened last week. :/
At least she matched her band aid to her outfit, right? Always a lady.
(she didn't really need the band-aid, but it made her happy and made it look better!)

So everyone go have a great weekend and check out more quick takes over at Jen's!


Colleen said...

Buy stock in bandaids now, girls always seem to want them :)

So sorry about the house expenses - terrible.

I love that you do calendar at home with your girls. I never even thought to teach my kids about the weather and calendar and then they went to school and I realized they were able to grasp the concept. Good for you for taking initiative!

Sarah said...

I'm already missing Pope Emeritus (that's so much harder to type than his old name, isn't it??). My kids and I watched as he left the Vatican and I cried. My heart broke. Now we are praying for our next beloved Pope and hope to love him just as much as Benedict.

We love Little People towns! Up until maybe last year, my big kids still set up the little people and left it up for days. Every once in a while then still take them out, but now it's my little girls that are becoming fond of them. Definitely a classic and great toys for imagination.

Bummer on the household repairs. Ah, yes, the joys of home ownership. yuck.

Billie Jo said...

Love, Love, Love Little People Towns! And sorry about the home repair.Hope it goes smoothly!

Rosie said...

That indoor playground looks awesome!!!

Sorry about the plumbing :( I'm convinced that something nuts like that is going to happen to us, now that we own our own house. We were so spoiled renting with awesome landlords! Ah, the real world...

Billie Jo said...

Me again! Just set up a Little People Town for Flynn...she loves it! Thanks for the reminder!! : )

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Oh. The plumbing. I am so sorry! That is a suck. Super suck.

I think we have almost every piece of Little People town that you do, except replace that palm tree thing with some weird jungle animal measuring station.

Laura Duarte said...

ha ha, love the nap pic-guess she was really tired!

Lisa G. said...

HAHA!! Maggie in her bed!!! I'm laughing so hard over here :) That is hysterical!

And the little people village is really quite amazing!!

Lisa G. said...

Oh and I'm supposed to be doing my bible study work but I'm totally procrastinating and catching up on blog reading ;)

Isaiah 55:8-9 said...

What sweet girls!! :) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog to say hi!