Saturday, March 16, 2013

Another Liebster? THANK YOU! :))

So I feel like a complete dunce. Rosie also tagged me for a Liebster and for some reason I didn't see it. Which is weird because I usually read her posts as soon as they come out and a lot of times I share them with Eric. Her kids say some really cute and hysterical things. So, thank you Rosie!!
Since I already did the 5 things about myself (Seriously one of the hardest things) and nominated 5 people I think I will just answer your questions. Is that cool? Cool.

1.  If you had to choose only ONE animal (cow, pig, chicken, other) whose meat/products you could eat for the rest of your life, which would it be and why?
Chicken. You can do so much with it and it marinates really well.

2.  What is your favorite article of clothing, the one you would seriously miss if it were gone?
My skinny jeans and boots. :))

3.  Which one of your children do you love the most?
Depends on the moment, time of day, specific second you are asking.

3.  What do you tell your kids about Santa/the Easter Bunny/the tooth fairy/other secular(ized) characters?
We don't over emphasize them. Our kids know about them, but we try to not make it the big deal or the reason for the season.

4.  How many pairs of shoes do you own?
3 boots, 3 flats, 3 toms, 1 flip flop(s)? 1 tennis shoe
wow. almost all of those were gifts. Thank you, everyone!

5.  What is your favorite thing about where you live?
The amazing Catholic community. Seriously awesome.

6.  How did you choose your children's names?
Saints and Family names. Also, all of our kids will have a middle name that starts with an "A" it started out as an accident with Maggie and Clare so then Eric and I were like "hey lets have all of our kids have middle names that start with an "A". And then it became a challenge. And who doesn't like a challenge?
Margaret Adelle and Clare Angela
 because now I know you were wondering what their middle names are. :))

7.  Can we all agree that it's obnoxious when parents make up new spellings for names?  Like Madisyn and Abagayle and McKinzEe?
Yes. Even though we added an "L" to Adelle and left the "i" out of Clare. :)

8.  Have you watched Toddlers and Tiaras?  Are you as intrigued by it as I am?  Give me your thoughts, please.
Once or twice. We don't have cable so I only watched a little on netflix.

9.  How many crucifixes/icons/saint statues do you have in your house?  Do you wish you had more/less?
heeheee. We have scaled down, but we currently have 4 crucifixes, 5 icons, and 5 saint statues. We are still putting them up, but we are trying to find really good places for them and avoid what happened at our last house. We also have 2 holy water fonts.

10.  What is one thing about your life right now that makes you ecstaticly happy?
Our new Pope! :))

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Rosie said...

THAT'S what we need, a holy water font!!! Oh man the kids would be so excited...

And Clare is totally a normal spelling - we went with an I in Mary Claire's name after a lot of debate... But the spelling immediately identifies you as Catholic, which is pretty awesome :)

Also, Mary in the bathroom totally doesn't creep me out. I don't really know why... But I'm a little surprised we don't have any saints or crucifixes in our bathrooms! Oh well, we haven't even lived here a month, there's still time :P